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Accidental Death of An Anarchist

Studio Theater, 721 Broadway, NY

Nov 3-5, 2022

In an absurdist adaptation of Dario Fo's stirring Anarchist play, the actors experiment with the mixing nature of theater and reality both within the play and in the process of rehearsing this play. A clown that hates authority was chosen to be an authority by the authority. A group of police that scorns the maniac was turned into maniacs by the maniac. Are you living for yourself or a strong yet hidden force you can never specify?

** Note: This production is performed in English. It was later produced into a production in Mandarin Chinese, had 5 runs at Theatre Row Studio Theatre, NYC. For detail, please see 一个无政府主义者的意外死亡.

Playwrights Horizons Theater School Student Production presents


Based on Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of An Anarchist.
Translated to Chinese and adapted by Huang Jisu.

Translated to English by Zijun (Neil) Wang.


Eliana Coe, Issac Tay, Fiona (Fangqi) Wang, Zijun (Neil) Wang, Peter Xiao, Junhong (Andrew) Fei



Scenic Designer: Sirui "Ray" Qian

Costume Designers: Tina Qiu, Tong Zhao

Lighting Designer: Hester Yujie Zheng

Sound Designer: Danis Zhang

Music Composer: Eliana Coe

Fight Choreographer: Chris Teves

Prop Master: Topaz Gao

Stage Manager: Olivia Martin

Assistant Stage Manager: Topaz Gao

Production Manager: Ryan Courtney

Producing Manager: Kyle Gates

Assistant Director: Danis Zhang

Directed by Zijun (Neil) Wang.

Production photos by Elaine Du @Dyylllll_ & Kevin @kevvvin_wky & Ray @lemonieie.

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