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Cabaret Theater, 721 Broadway, NY

Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2023

Also featured in SoHo Playhouse Lighthouse Series.


In a chapel in the middle of the desert, two girls meet for the first time in years. Together, they must grapple with their beliefs, the act of forgiveness, and the thought of an existence beyond the violence that has forged them.

Playwrights Horizons Theater School Student Production presents


Written by: Leah Plante-Wiener
Directed by: Kai Sun


Lark: Ariella Hyman-Fessler

Anhedonia: Marvelyn Ramirez


Stage Manager: Dominique Lai

Lighting Designer: Zijun (Neil) Wang

Scenic/Property Designers: Danis Zhang, Martina Duque Gonzalez, Jade Zhang

Costume Designer: Nico Yu

Sound Designer: Max Van

Intimacy Coordinator: Jenna Roth

Poster Designer: Angie Kang

Production photos by Alicia Cabrera Tactuk @alicabtuk.pix.

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