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Dear Evan Hansen

Bandai Namco Livehouse, Shanghai, CHINA

May 8-9, 2020

A student production of Broadway's Tony Award winning Best Musical. During the first wave of performing arts recovery in Shanghai, collaborators from NYU Shanghai and NYU Go Local in Shanghai program brought this profound story about human connection to the Chinese audience. 

The musical focuses on teenager Evan Hansen, who suffers from a social anxiety disorder. After the suicide of fellow student Connor Murphy, a series of events land Evan in the center of a false narrative - that he was Connor's secret best friend. As Evan is thrust deeper into a web of lies, he gains everything he's ever wanted — a chance to belong. He becomes a beacon of hope for Connor's grieving family — only to witness everything unravel around him. In the end, he must face a harsh truth: even the best of intentions can become harmful.

Producer Zhao Tong and Waving Production presents


A student production of Broadway Tony Award winning Best Musical.

Book by ◎ Steven Levenson

Music and Lyrics by ◎ Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Broadway Producer ◎ Stacey Mindich

Broadway Director ◎ Michael Greif


Directed by Zijun (Neil) Wang.



Sun Dehong, Yang Chengqi, Zhang Yining, Wang Yixiao, Wang Zining, Zhao Jiashi, Zhao Runhao, Zhao Tong.



General Manager ◎ Zhao Zelin

Assistant Director ◎ Liu Yimeng

Stage Manager ◎ Jiang Yuzhu

Asst. Stage Manager ◎ Zhu Yizhou

Lighting Designer ◎ Bai Yujie

Lighting Team ◎ Mao Wenjing, Gao Zaixin, Yi Yaxuan

Sound Effect Design ◎ Zhu Yizhou, Ni Huijing

Music Production ◎ Wang Yunlong

Sound Team ◎ Yiyu Zhao, Qihan Jiang

SFX Team ◎ Fan Qianyue, Jiang Qihan, Qian Yiwen

Set Design ◎ Feng Qiurui

Costume Design ◎ Wang Yinyi

Set, Prop, Costume Team ◎ Huang Xinyu, Fang Yunxin, Wang Shunyu, Xue Mingyin, Yu Jing, Chen Sirui

Visual Effect Design ◎ Qian Sirui

Visual Team ◎ Cao Xingchen, Cao Yier, Su Shuyue, Sun Yifei, Wang Kunhui, Yin Yirong

Publicity Manager ◎ Liu Yimeng, Zhao Zelin

Publicity Team ◎ Cao Yier, Qian Sirui, Sun Yifei, Wang Qiting

Production Team ◎ Chen Siyao, Jin Ziyi, Li Yang, Zhang Hairuo, Zhang Xuechen

Production photos by Cao Yier, Qian Sirui, Sun Yifei, Wang Qiting, Xiaoyang Wang.

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