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The Insanity

Community Space Theater, Theater for the New City

Mar 8-10, 2023


纽约华裔留学生独立艺术家  演出戏剧《你好,疯子!》场场暴满 观众好评

Chinese Students / Individual Artists in New York put on The Insanity, fully sold-out performances adored by the audience.

The Insanity, performed in Mandarin Chinese, is about how a schizophrenic girl Icy gets along but also fights with her other six personalities. In an insane asylum with no escape, a doctor gives Icy several trials, of which she fails all of them by still desiring to befriend her other personalities. In a final showdown, the doctor gives Icy a loaded pistol for her to kill the other six. Should Icy choose the deafening silence after she managed to kill her other personalities? Or should she stay in this asylum forever but be accompanied by some friends? The Insanity discusses the definition and standard of "recovery", especially in the mental health realm. The Production asks the audience the same question Icy asks the doctor: "Let me ask you, what does recovery mean to you?"


Production photos by Sybil (Qiting) Wang and Elaine Du.

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