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Into the Crowd Showbill

Into The Crowd

Short Film | 8 Minutes | G | MOS


Into The Crowd is a MOS short film that captures the three years of high school life of the Class of 2020 of Capital Normal University High School International Division, Beijing, China. This film also serves as an official graduation film of the class, given that the graduation ceremony and performances are cancelled because of COVID-19 outbreak. The film captures moments of individual struggles of SAT, school classes, college applications, and how these friends help each other moving forward, ending with them walking out of the school gate, merging "into the crowd". The writers would like to dedicate this film to the hard-works of all of our friends who strived and challenged themselves for goods. We commemorate this past, and we embrace the future.

Raise our cups.


The music is made for the graduation season of 2020 by Chinese famous artist Mao Buyi. This film is also a part of the derivative work challenge of the song "Ru Hai" launched by in the graduation season of 2020.

入海 INTO THE CROWD (2020)


演员 Cast

首都师大附中国际部2020届 Class of 2020, CNUHS-GA CPP


编剧 Written by

丁芊予 Amy Ding   陆美含 Megan Lu   

严婧桐 Yolande Yan   汪楚龙 Matthew Wang   王子骏 Neil Wang

制片人/导演 Directed and Produced by

王子骏 Neil Wang

第二导演 Assistant Director

汪楚龙 Matthew Wang

摄像导演 Director of Photography

邱梓轩 Charlie Qiu

第二摄像导演 Assistant Director of Photography

陈政睿 Jerry Chen

剪辑 Edited by

王子骏 Neil Wang

音乐翻唱 Music Covered by

王子骏 Neil Wang

音乐制作 Music Produced by

汪楚龙 Matthew Wang

音乐 Music

入海 ("Ru Hai" Into The Crowd) - 毛不易 Mao Buyi​



Into the Crowd Showbill
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