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Here's a Blue Morpho for You

224 Waverly Theater, NY

Apr 15-16, 2022

Off-Off Broadway Credit: View Website.


HERE’S A BLUE MORPHO FOR YOU is a theatrical piece devised by an ensemble of 12 young adults. In the eyes of our protagonist, Ling, aging and death are difficult subjects; as she begins to notice a certain mystery involved with the practice of reminiscing, she contemplates – when did memories turn into moments belonging to the past? and when exactly did our elders begin to age? and when exactly did we begin to grow? This piece examines the closeness and distance experienced in intergenerational relationships; it is a piece of visual poetry that Ling intentionally created for the stage.

Producer Kally (Kangdeng) Zhao 
and Associate Producer Estelle Tang present



In association with Chinese Students & Scholars Association at New York University,
as a part of CSSA GALA 2022.

Written by Yudun Wang & Aileen Wu
Co-Directed by Yudun Wang & Aileen Wu

Set Design by Jennifer (Yuqing) Cao (Assisted by Kristen Zhang)
Costume Creative Direction by Jasmine Gu
Costume Design by Grace Zhang (Costume Lead), Kyrie Yang, Moie Yang, Emma Zhao, Roxanne Zhao
Lighting Design by Yvonne Ye
Sound Design by Xi (Zoey) Lin

Dramaturgy by Naimeng Guo
Assistant Dramaturgy by Tina Qiu
Stage Managed by Tom Li & Lancer Zhang

Production Managed by Zijun (Neil) Wang


Serena Gao, Nan Li, Cassie Tian, Cain Wang, Luna Wu, Jessie Yi, Sophia Zhu

Production photos by 郑儒阳, Jeff Cai, and 山顶洞人.

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