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Pending Connections

Studio Theater, 721 Broadway, NY

April 7-9, 2022

We all know that the internet is a very important part of modern society, but how much power does it truly have in dictating our lives? Pending Connections takes place in 2011, and follows Sophie, a 16 year old from Illinois, who turns to a depression chatroom for mental health support, and fosters an intense relationship with a mysterious boy online- is he who she thinks he is, or is he a cause for alarm and danger?

Playwrights Horizons Theater School Student Production presents



written and directed by Jenna Roth



BreLynn Mellen, Yousuf Liepert, Nick Bella, Matthew Delorme, Sophia Cavanaugh, Victor Andres Marroquin-Merino, Veer Arya, Senia Langston, Adam Eslayed, Alex Blanco, Celia Yasell



Production Stage Manager: Rose Siegel

Assistant Stage Manager: Nava Saylany

Projection Designer: Dylan Dugourd, Danis Zhang

Scenic + Lighting Designer: Emma Gordon

Costumes Designer: Georgia Evans

Wardrobe: Bianca Koniuk

Dramaturg: Penzi Hill

Sound Designer: Abri Berg, Neil Wang

Production photos by Jenna Roth.

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