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in-class projects.

As a rising junior at NYU Tisch Drama, I just completed my two years of primary training at Playwrights Horizons Theater School. Within the wide range of classes, I and my collaborators made many short scenes or projects, including directing, design, playwriting, and acting projects. The following highlights are selected projects or scenes, which are typically under 15 minutes and revised multiple times in cycles.

Finale On Air Project Photo

playwriting (2022):

Finale On Air: A Requiem

This exhibition features five audible dialogues/monologues in the setting of a post-war situation. In the war, human being launched the nuclear bombs, and the entire human race is purged. At the last minutes, a radio station launched a program that invites humans to share their stories and last words, somehow preserved in a time capsule. The audience is invited into a visual and aural experience with a hyper realistic given circumstance.

Vers and Hiems Production Photo

directing (2021):

Story of Ver and Hiems

This is an original 15-minute piece written by Chris Teves, using two animals to portray a fairy tale. The directing experience includes finding individual characters with animal features, directing lighting and sounds as a way to establish the time and place, and directing choreography while interacting with the space. Production Recording available upon request. Reach out now.

Mud (Scenes) Project Photo

design (2021):

Mud (Scenes)

This design project features the first two scenes of María Irene Fornés's Mud. The design focuses on the use of lightings on different levels and how each level affects the mood and tone of the scene, the scenic design that shows the power dynamic that involves the audience, and discovering the meaning of the eight second frozen intervals between each scenes.

Passage (Scenes) Project Photo

directing (2020):

Passage (Scenes, Online)

This project produces two scenes from Passage by Christopher Chen, made on zoom (during remote learning semester). This project focuses on finding the reasonable way to portray the surreal scenes. We discovered the way to connect the individual realms into a collective space for storytelling, with designed props and lighting.

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