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Ripples from A Lost Song

224 Waverly Theater, NY

Apr 14-15, 2022

Off-Off Broadway Credit: View Website.


Do you still remember that one song your mom had on loop when you were a kid? After receiving a package from her mom, Meiru stumbles across a half-blank cassette tape. Determined to remember the origins of this cassette, Meiru launches into an odyssey across time and space confronting different versions of her past. She yearns to hold onto her coming-of-age stories, to remember moments she chose to forget, and to make space to relish in her nostalgia. In this ephemeral world, can ripples from the blank cassette weave into the fabric that is our collective consciousness?

Producer Kally (Kangdeng) Zhao 
and Associate Producer Estelle Tang present



In association with Chinese Students & Scholars Association at New York University,
as a part of CSSA GALA 2022.

Written by Zhen Yu (Victor) Yao
Co-Directed by Shuyan Yang & Zhen Yu (Victor) Yao

Set Design by Tsui C Wang (Assisted by Jennifer Du)
Costume Design by Jasmine Gu (Assisted by Emma Zhao)
Lighting Design by Yvonne Ye
Sound Design by Xi (Zoey) Lin

Dramaturgy by Naimeng Guo
Assistant Dramaturgy by Tina Qiu
Stage Managed by Candice Wang & Michelle Zhuang

Production Managed by Zijun (Neil) Wang


Helena Cheng, Ian Hu, Michael Ma, Stephanie Sun, Angel Xiang, Ivy Zhang, Lana Zhang

Production photos by 郑儒阳, Jeff Cai, and 山顶洞人.

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