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Untitled Gamer Play Showbill_edited.jpg

Untitled Gamer Play

Robert Moss Theater, 440 Lafayette Street, NY

Apr 14-16, 2022

Albert Wei wants to play video games with his best friend Kevin every single day. But college apps are fast approaching - and with them - crushing expectations. Can Albert get into any college? Can he become a professional video gamer? Or will he fall victim to the same cycle that trapped his mom in America?

Playwrights Horizons Theater School Student Production presents


by Jason Wang

Director Jonathan Chang

ALBERT - Jaesung Hwang
KEVIN - Isaac Tay
MOM and Others - Thammie Quach
ALBERTWEI420 and Others - Matthew De Lorme Jr.


Stage Manager: Tatiana Chew
Assistant Director: Neha Hemachandra
Assistant Stage Manager: Harvey Ruloff
Production Assistant: Abri Berg
Costume Designer: Kyla Butts
Makeup Artist: Anjun Jia

Lighting Designer: Zijun (Neil) Wang

Sound Designer: Julian Moller, Ella Danyluk

Scenic Designer: Ray Qian

Fight Choreographer: Chris Teves

Fight Captain: Olivia Martin

Cardboard Designer: Aaron Vanek

Show Art + Set Painting: Sally Chen

Stage Crew: Grace Schenkel, Bear Bosco

Production photos by Daniela Goytizolo and Max Chen.

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